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Jo Pott Mercer Interior
Jo Pott Mercer Interior



Most of the things we offer at Mercer are ‘one-offs’.
We can offer similar, but rarely the same. That makes my job interesting, the shop looks different from any other and ensures your personal collection won’t be like any one else’s. It also means it would be impossible to offer these treasures for sale on the internet.

Mercer offers a comprehensive collection of textiles for the home. Throws, quilts, cushions and bolsters, rugs, table cloths and napkins to name a few. We also offer antique furniture, tribal art, contemporary British ceramics, hand - made paper products, silver jewellery, costume jewellery, lamps and light shades. Oh, and so very much more!

We offer a selection of hand block printed designs. Originally for local and Royal consumption, block printing on silk and cotton now has an international market. Each celebrates the immense amount of work which goes into their production, though some are contemporary designs, others are
traditional and virtually unchanged for centuries.

We encourage our customers to appreciate
works of everyday life in India. Touching and
holding a piece of intricate work helps one grasp
a feeling for the colossal amount of energy and
care which goes into hand made work.

To compliment our textiles,
we collect contemporary ceramics
from across the UK


The Indian craftsman excels in hand embroidery – Chain Stitch in Kashmir, Kanthas of Bengal, silks of Varanasi, Chikan work of Lucknow, mirror work of Rajasthan and Gujurat, and gold and silver work of Gujurat to mention just a few.

All textile art represents or draws on complicated ethnic and caste relationships that categorize the societal matrix of India.


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